Notebook and Cliq Integration: take notes during your Cliq conference calls

With the current prevalence of remote work, everyone might attend at least one virtual meeting or join a call each workday. This sometimes comes with a list of requirements: plan the agenda, write minutes, or write down your list of tasks. Today, we're pleased to introduce a new addition to the Zoho Notebook and Cliq integration: take notes during your Cliq conference calls. Use Notebook in Cliq to take care of all these things without switching tabs.

Take Notes

Take notes and write minutes using the Notes option in the Cliq conference menu. You can access your existing notes to present the meeting's agenda or your thoughts on the topic. We will soon add it to the one-on-one calls as well.

Here's how you can access and take notes during your Cliq calls:

1. Click the Menu button in the conference window and click Notes.

2. You'll be able to see your notes in Zoho Notebook.

3. To take new notes, click the '+' icon at the top-right corner of the widget.

4. Type your content, choose the appropriate notebook to store it in, and click on 'Done' to save the note.

Save time and watch your productivity skyrocket with this new integration. Please leave your suggestions about this feature and Notebook in the comments or write to us at

Stay safe and happy note-taking!


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    1. Hi Paridhi, We're actively working on sharing your notes in Notebook to other users. We'll keep you posted on the same. In the meanwhile, you can always reach us at with your suggestions and feedback.

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