Zoho Assist Remote Control for Chromebook Devices: Quick and Easy

Do you need to provide seamless remote support for Chromebooks? With Zoho Assist, Chromebook support is smooth, secure, and efficient.

Zoho Assist enables technicians to access and control Chromebook screens remotely. Launch a Zoho Assist session to easily help end users troubleshoot and resolve issues on their Chromebooks. 

Chromebooks are popular with students, in online classrooms and libraries, and among people on the go. Over 60% of schools and colleges use Chromebooks in their classrooms, and many students opt for Chromebooks at home as well.

Supporting Chromebooks remotely

Chromebooks are most commonly used in schools, where technicians are on hand to assist students who are experiencing technical difficulties or having trouble completing assessments during class. However, Chromebook usage is increasing in homes and offices due to the device’s lightweight portability, all-day battery, low cost compared to other laptops, and frequently updated operating systems and applications. As a result, the need to support these devices is also on the rise.

Zoho Assist enables Chromebook users to work from anywhere in the world, without worrying about access to technical support. With the new Chromebook Remote Support Control, technicians can view a Chromebook screen and remotely access the open applications.

With the help of the universal add-on, Chromebook uses the Android Accessibility feature, available for Android 7 and above, to enable remote control of Chromebook devices. In addition to Chromebook Remote Control, existing features, such as Live Text Chat, Customization, File Transfer, and Two-Way Screen Sharing, help technicians provide effective support.

At Zoho Assist, security and privacy are our top concerns. All Assist sessions are encrypted with the AES-256 algorithm, a symmetric encryption algorithm that uses 128-bit blocks and 256-bit keys.

Chrome OS is still new to many users, as are the technical difficulties that come with working remotely. Empower your team with the best tools to make remote support for Chromebooks easier.

Get your free remote support tool today!

Note: The Chromebook Operating System allows to control only the application that is currently open and on top. It also restricts remote support applications from opening or switching between other applications. Check out our Help Doc to know more about the remote support capabilities and restrictions. Learn more.









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  1. If this works that would be great!! I tried to do follow the steps and enabled the new Universal Accessibility functionality, but we still can't see screens for chromebooks.

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