Zoho Wiki Goes Social

In our latest update,

social sharing gets a crackling integration with Zoho Wiki. Our

customers, after quickly setting up their wikis wanted to share the

information with like minded people.

Sharing the wiki pages on social

networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc was a fantastic opportunity

they were looking at. Well, that's exactly what you can do now.

Social Tool Widget:


can insert the Social Tool Widget in your wiki page and share your

content with your friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter.

See below, a wiki page with the social sharing options. Click on the Share button and choose the medium you want to share your page with.


Enabling Share Option in Public Wiki Pages


social toolbar is already built in for Public Wikis. Instead of taking

the widget route, the owner of the wiki has the flexibility to turn on

/off social sharing toolbar in public pages. The social toolbar is found

at the top of the page or near the footer of the page.

Go to Wiki Settings (on the top menu) -> General -> select 'Share Page' option.


ahead and popularize your classroom projects, volunteer wikis, etc among your social contacts.

Publish Content Quickly.. Securely Collaborate.. Make your wikis more social.

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