Zoho: Recent Media Mentions

Here are some of the recent mentions about Zoho in the media.

In an eWeek slideshow of 'Top 10 Enterprise Apps from the Google Apps Marketplace', Clint Boulton starts with Zoho CRM. In another eWeek slideshow by Don Reisinger on '10 Products Microsoft Should Fear' about, Zoho (Docs) and Firefox are the only products mentioned other than Google's (Search, Chrome OS, Android OS, Google Docs, Google Adwords) and Apple's (iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X).

Walt Mossberg has a nice column in The Wall Street Journal introducing cloud computing to everyone and Zoho got quoted in the article as well as in the video accompanying it.

Our Evangelist Raju Vegesna got quoted in an article about Google Apps Marketplace by Lauren McKay in destinationCRM.

Zoho, a launch partner in the Apps Marketplace with its Projects and CRM

applications, theoretically competes with Google in a number of

areas—mail, documents, and spreadsheets, to name just a few. “The nice

thing about Google’s marketplace? They know we’re competition, yet they

don’t block us,” Vegesna says. “They basically invited us to be a launch

partner. That’s one of the key differences in cultures between Google

and Salesforce[.com].”

“We know that Google is [our] competition primarily for office suite and

email, but these are qualified customers to be using Zoho

applications,” Vegesna says. “If there’s a business that has already

decided to operate online, it’s an easy sell and it makes sense for them

to use a CRM application to complement email and others.”

In Small Business Center of Fox Business, Donna Fuscaldo lists Zoho Mobile as part of '5 Mobile Apps to Make Running a Business Easier on the Go'.


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