Zoho Projects Update : Task Dependency & more

One of the most asked for functionalities in Zoho Projects is finally here. Dependency of tasks! And the current update brings in a few more useful features as well. The update in detail :

Task Dependency : You can now set dependency among tasks. A Task can now be made dependent on one or more tasks being completed.

Assigning a Task to Multiple Users : This is another much asked for feature from our customers. Zoho Projects now lets you split & assign a Task among multiple users.

Uniform Date format : Set a date format under 'Settings' -> 'Company Settings' -> 'Date/Time Format'. And this format gets reflected throughout the rest of the Zoho Projects UI screens.

Clear Task date : It's now easy to clear the start or end dates of a Task in case you have decided to reassign dates at a later point of time. Previously, you'd to delete the Task and add it again without dates.

Delete Forum category : This extends the forum post deletion function. Now, entire forum categories can be deleted.

Delete Project : An extension to 'Clear Project' that deletes the whole project. Be cautious while using forum & project deletion. The data can't be retrieved.

Other than the above, a few bugs have been fixed too. Try Zoho Projects & do post your comments below.

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