Zoho Projects In Your Pocket: Our Web App is Here

Your projects don’t stop just because you’re away from your computer. And now, with the new Zoho Projects Web App you can stay connected with your projects and your team wherever you are.

The Zoho Projects Web App allows you to access all of your projects while on the go. You are able to see the Project Stream and see what everyone on the team has been up to – finished tasks, new posts, comments, wiki pages and any other activities from the members of your team.

You can also go in and see the tasks that you have open and update their status, any notes and mark them as finished when you are done. How’s that for giving your team real-time info? And if something new comes up while you are out and about, you can also of course add a new task right from your phone.

Our web app is available starting today – and all you need is a Zoho Projects account (including the Free edition). Once you’ve setup your account just head over to m.zoho.com using your phone’s browser (iPhone or Android), and start getting things done, even while on the go.




36 Replies to Zoho Projects In Your Pocket: Our Web App is Here

  1. Good attempt to start with. However needs a lot more improvement and enhancement. Some suggestions:1. How can I see all the pending tasks of a particular project?
    2. This web app will be used extensively by people who manage projects. Hence we would need dashboard items like the one that you show on the full site will be helpful. Similarly gantt view on the mobile will be very helpful options.
    3. Similarly bugs, meetings, milestones, sub tasks.Looking forward to see some more changes before I start using it.

  2. Great work, thank you so much! One thing, though: I can't seem to add a new note to a task. There's just no way to submit it. Just a heads-up if that's a bug. Thanks!

  3. @suzettekidstuff,Yes. You can access projects from our mobile site with the free version.Regards,
    Senthil Kumar
    Zoho Mobile Team.

  4. @dp,Thank you for identifying the bug. We will fix this in our coming updates.Regards,
    Senthil Kumar
    Zoho Mobile Team.

  5. Hi,that's a great idea!I noticed a bug, though: When you close a recurrent task from the webapp, it breaks the recurrence.What happens: The task then is updated to task without a due date.Expected was:If you close the task in the normal website, a new task is created with the next recurrenceBest Regards,Dennis

  6. @gee: We are also working on a native iPhone app for Zoho Projects which will be made available some time soon.@Joshua Morgan: Option to view all users tasks under a project is in our road map and will be implmenetd in future. We request you to use the filter option to view the tasks assigned to a specific person for the time being.@Victor, @Sasha Baksht: Please use the url https://m.zoho.com/projects" rel="nofollow">https://m.zoho.com/projects. to access projects through our mobile site.@rob.gerwing: Use the Goto option at the top right corner of the activities screen and choose "Tasks" which will take you to the tasks screen. Support for timesheet in our mobile site is in works and will be made available some time soon. Do bear with us until then.@Chase, @Beth, @antonio_fuentes: Currently we do not support access to Zoho Projects from Blackberry and Win7 devices. We will add support soon.@Mike: We will add link to projects in our iPad home screen soon. Meanwhile, we request you to access the url # from your iPad.@kevinsandahl, @Spud: We had an API breakage in a follow up update that we did after the release of our beta which caused the error. We have rectified it now. Can you try now and let us know if you are still having issues accessing the service? Regret the inconvenience.@jakov.saric: An iPad version of Zoho Projects is in our road map and will be implemented in future. Do bear with us until then.Regards,
    Senthil Kumar
    Zoho Mobile Team.

  7. This is really good news.
    Congratulations for all the great Zoho team.
    Zoho mobile looks like an important advance in doing Zoho apps (I use Zoho Projects) a must for small and medium businesses.

  8. Great idea... but it doesn't work. I can see my portals and the underlying projects. But as soon as I select a project it just hangs. Tried it on Phone and iPad, same result.Also, the link provided to http://m.zoho.com " rel="nofollow">m.zoho.com goes to a very nice interface, but nowhere on that interface is a link to Projects.

  9. Zoho Projects is the most comprehensive project management system to date. And this was something we have been waiting for. If you're not using Zoho Projects, you're missing out because it's affordable, efficient, reliable, full of customization options and highly accessible (since it's online). This is a must-have for just about ANY type of business!

  10. Great news! my clients were expecting this web app, we mostly focus on ZohCRM + ZohoProjects implementations. Next: ZohoSupport!Next big goal should be CRM native app for Android, really important for our potential clients.

  11. looks really good, much better than using the full site on an iphone, which was a nightmare. And +1 for making a web app and not a native app.

  12. Being project manager, it would be great to see all tasks rather than just ones assigned to me so I can keep track of employees' progress.

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