Zoho Planner now supports Safari and Opera!

Zoho Planner had an update a few hours earlier that brought in some cool new features.

We receive constant feedback from Safari & Opera users to make Zoho applications work on these browsers. As the first Zoho app, Zoho Planner now works on Safari (2.0+) & Opera (9.0+). Zoho Planner already supports Firefox, Mozilla & Internet Explorer.

We have tested Zoho Planner on multiple versions of both the browsers. There may be untested versions, so do write to us if you come across any issues.

Users have been asking to collapse & expand todo lists & notes. This has been done in the latest update. Another feature to roll in is the facility to delete all your completed todo list items in one go.

Till now you can private share your pages with Read & Write (Edit) privilege or have them shared to public. Now you can private share your pages in Zoho Planner with Read Only (View) permission too.

Check out the latest Zoho Planner & tell us what you think. Do write to us if you have any specific feature requests.


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