Zoho Planner changes big time

We have come up with a revamped Zoho Planner!

Zoho Planner did have a good dose of AJAX thrown in its screens before but the UI now boasts of being completely AJAX-ified. What this translates to is a much improved user experience and all the links you click load much faster.

And great news for the users of non-English speaking countries. Had trouble having your ToDo lists made in your native language? Not anymore. Zoho Planner now supports UTF-8 character set encoding. Have your ToDos made in your native language itself.

Your Free Zoho Planner account allowed creation of just 10 pages. Until yesterday that is. Now everything's unlimited for Free. You can now have unlimited pages with unlimited reminders, unlimited images & unlimited files as attachments.

Organize yourselves better with the new Zoho Planner

ps : Make sure to clear your browser cache before trying out the new Zoho Planner.


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