Zoho Meeting saves $24,475/month

Well, that’s the case atleast for us.

in early 2000’s when web conferencing systems were becoming main
stream, we immediately noticed the value and subscribed to them. Our
travel costs came down as we started relying more and more on online
meeting solutions. We used these tools extensively for demos, training,
support etc. There were days we even ended up hosting over 100 web
conferencing sessions a day. As our usage went up, so did our monthly
costs. Infact, some time last year we were paying well over $20K/month
for our web conferencing needs. We even had months where we paid around
$26,155 as you see below.

Zoho Meeting came to the rescue. Following Zoho Meeting launch, our
internal users slowly started moving to our solution. As some external users also noticed, its simplicity won many internal users, not to mention the cost benefits.

our current usage of Zoho Meeting, I asked our product manager to
calculate the amount we’ll have to pay if we were an external customer.
It turns out, we have around 100 hosts using the basic version of our
app (which costs $12/host/month) and we have around 20 power users
(which costs $24/host/month). So, if we were an external customer, we
will be paying 100*12+20*24 = $1,680/month.

You see the difference here? We were paying $26,155/month for WebEx last April and it came down to $1,680. A savings of $24,475/month.

Our WebEx usage numbers mentioned above were in Apr-May 2008. During
the past year and half, our usage kept going up and
Zoho Meeting’s integration with other Zoho Apps fueled it to
some extent.

I am sure most of you
don’t pay as much as we did for your web conferencing solution. If you
think you are paying more than you are comfortable, it is probably
worth shopping around. My ‘biased’ vote of course is on Zoho Meeting.
But then, you can try it yourself as it is free to start with.

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