Zoho Creator : ‘Situated Apps’ within Zoho/AdventNet - Part II

We showcased a few examples of Zoho Creator apps being used within Zoho/AdventNet in a previous post. A few more examples here.

Sales Call History : An app maintained by the Sales team about the status of toll free calls received for taking further action.

Call History

Facilities Desk Team : Seeing the first post made last week, got a mail from the builders of integrated facilities management software about how they are using Zoho Creator. A couple of their apps below, for tracking feature requests and demo schedules.

New Feature Request

Demo List

Administration Team : The folks manning the smooth operations within Zoho/AdventNet have many apps built for their specific needs, travel booking being one of them.

Travel Booking

Webmaster Team : Here's a list of Zoho Creator apps that are embedded on our website pages and used for various purposes - schedule a demo, file a feature request or feedback, get a quote, submit a testimonial etc.

Personal Apps : A birthday app is being maintained by Chandra of Zoho People. Being a guy involved in development of a HR solution, Chandra knows the value of remembering birthdays of team mates, close friends & family members!

Remember Birthdays

Sripathy Ramesh of Zoho Sheet plays the keyboard in our music group (called 'Sangeetha Megam') and he has an app made for collecting info on those interested in corporate music jamming.

Music Jamming List

Hope the above list (and the former one) shows how easy, useful, diverse the apps created using Zoho Creator are and how these apps are put to good use by a company of around 1000 employees. Tell us how you are using Zoho Creator.


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