Zoho Creator : 'Situated Apps' within Zoho/AdventNet - Part I

Eating one's own dog food is part of Zoho/AdventNet's culture and we take much pride in that. And Rodrigo wrote about how Zoho Creator addresses the situated software niche. Here we feature some of the Zoho Creator situated apps created within Zoho / AdventNet for internal use.

Sports Teams : AdventNet has a good number of sports enthusiasts & we win quite a few tourneys! Calls for sporting teams to participate in internal tournaments are typically made using Zoho Creator.

adventnet tournament

indoor tourney

Cab Booking : AdventNet employees avail the cab facilities provided by the company for going home after 9:30 pm. And this is managed using a Zoho Creator app.

booking a cab

Children's Day : Zoho Creator plays an important role in all events organized here. In India, we celebrate Children's Day every year on Nov 14. The below screenshot shows the app built for collecting the details of children attending the event.

event organizer

Tour Organizing : It is a yearly ritual in AdventNet for each team to go on a 3 to 5 day trip. This acts as a good refresher and helps improve team bonding. The below forms show the details that are typically asked for as part of tours being planned.

tour org

trip org

The above apps should give you some ideas of how to use Zoho Creator, the friendly tool that lets you create apps within minutes, within your organization. We will see more example apps in another post.


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