Zoho Creator Helps Kansas State University Students

Prof. Michael Wesch describes in this blog post how Zoho Creator helped to get his class of 16 students find & read 94 articles as a class assignment.

Prof. Wesch's student Kevin Champion designed a Zoho Creator application for collecting data from the class. Each student submitted summaries and details of atleast 5 articles that he/she had read. Kevin used the JSON feed of Zoho Creator to compile a neat presentation of the data submitted. All students then went through those summaries before their next class. Result? In Prof. Wesch's words :

By the time of our next class, all 16 students had read 5 articles and been exposed to the main ideas of 94 articles. This created an amazing foundation for deep conversation. I think all of us were literally on the edge of our seats, finding connections and debates across the literature at a level I have *never* experienced in an undergraduate setting. I count it as a huge success, and I would highly recommend it to any other faculty out there looking to spark an engaging conversation with your students.

Thanks to Kevin Champion, Prof. Michael Wesch and all the students of the K-Univ class for using Zoho Creator!


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