Zoho Creator : Handy Tool for Organizing Events, Collecting Data

Paul McMahon is organising a conference for international school teachers. And he posted his query in a Classroom 2.0 forum, wanting to know about a tool that allowed for staff to self-register for workshops.

I am busily organising a conference (a first in Hong Kong) for international school teachers. I am using eventbrite, a great online tool for conference registration but my next major task is allowing teachers to assign themselves to workshops once I have the programme up. (Yes we spell it that way in Hong Kong too :-)

I am wondering if anyone out there has run a confernce or PD day and allowed for staff to self-register for workshops from a list on during a time period. It would be great if the tool also allowed the teacher to see if a workshop was already quite full. Maybe I could assign a max number and they could see say 20/25 for the workshop.

As I am already losing a bit on the other online tools (Eventbrite and Paypal), it would be good if it was free or very minimal cost. (Yes! I want it all for nothing! Typical of an opportunist Aussie Teacher :-)

And Paul's query got the answer from James Dykstra.

We are doing the registration for our regional Heritage Fair using Zoho Creator (creator.zoho.com). Our form (embedded here: #) gets the users to fill in all the information we choose and then puts it into a spreadsheet for us. Creator has database functions that I haven't attempted to use, but they would likely allow you to do the fancier parts of your registration process, including setting limits for certain workshops. Everything on Zoho is available for free. Though we've only given it a limited trial (so far about 50 students are registered), I'm quite pleased with the results so far.

Thanks to James for suggesting Zoho Creator! And one more example of Zoho Creator in action : Bryan at CollegeMediaInnovation.org posts about using Zoho Creator to create a list of multimedia projects from various student journalists. The submission form used by Bryan & the data he'd collected. He has also compiled a list of schools doing video as well. Thanks Bryan, for using Zoho Creator!

If you are to organize an event or collect data, take a look at the examples above. And don't forget to tell us how you are using Zoho Creator in the comments.


1) Got this tweet from Suzie Vesper of New Zealand. She's done a couple of nice screencasts on Zoho Creator to act as easy tutorials. 1) Creating a form and 2) embedding it in your blog/website/wiki, downloading the data collected to your computer. The wiki page where she's embedded the app & the screencast tutorials.

2) Prithwis Mukerjee in the comments points to B-School students using Zoho Creator (in the embedded 'BlogPostURLs View', click on each of the URLs & you will see that the students have created Zoho Creator apps & embedding forms in their blog)


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