Zoho Creator : Basic Tips for Handling Data Collection

Making a Zoho Creator app and embedding a form in your blog or website is easy. Let's see a couple of typical scenarios that you might face.

  1. Say you are conducting an online survey in your blog or website and you want to collect some feedback data from your visitors. But you don't want to show all the data that is being collected when the survey is on (as that may affect your survey outcome).
  2. Your survey ends and you want to display the data collected but not the form you used to get the data (so that your visitors don't add any more data once the survey has ended).

For the first scenario, the collection form is to be made Public so that anyone can access the form.

  • Let's say you have created the application in Zoho Creator. By default, it is Private (that is, it is accessible only to you upon logging in)

  • Go to the Edit mode of your application and click on the Share tab.

  • From the left panel, click on the Form that is to be embedded. In the center of the page, click on the Change link.

  • The form is now Public and you should see the Anyone can enter data into this form message now.
  • Click on Access this application -> More Actions -> Embed in your website. Copy-paste the iframe code given there to your blog/website page

  • Log out from Zoho Creator and see if your blog/website page displays the embedded Zoho Creator form properly
  • Test your application by submitting some data
  • You should be able to see the data submitted only after logging to your Zoho Creator account

For the second scenario, you will just have to reverse which of the application part - here, it is the 'view' part - that is to be made Public (and marking the 'form' part as Private).

Hope that helps when building your next Zoho Creator application.

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