WizeHive integrates Zoho

WizeHive is an online application for collaborating with groups of people. A WizeHive workspace lets groups to collaborate on tasks, documents etc. In their recent version, WizeHive integrated Zoho Writer & Zoho Sheet to create and view documents & spreadsheets. 

The 'Files' section in a workspace provides options to upload existing files from your desktop or create new documents/spreadsheets using Zoho editors. If you choose the document creation option, it launches Zoho Editors. Saving the documents in Zoho Editors saves them back to WizeHive. Existing documents can also be edited using Zoho Apps.

Josh Lowensohn from from CNet says..

 Starting today, WizeHive users can create and collaborate on Zoho documents from within WizeHive, and without having to open a Zoho account. Whatever they save is also stored along with the rest of their files and projects back on WizeHive.

Thanks to WizeHive for integrating Zoho Apps.

A seamless integration like this is possible because of our Remote APIs. Any third party applications looking to add document creation capabilities can take advantage of Zoho APIs to integrate Zoho Office apps (Writer, Sheet & Show) into their environment. The nice part about our APIs is, your users need not create a Zoho account to use Zoho editors. When a document is created using Zoho Apps in a third-party application, the contents are actually saved to the partner's application and no copy is maintained at Zoho's end.

We also have other partners like Box.net, Huddle, KnowledgeTree, Syncplicity, Stoneware etc who did similar integrations using our Remote APIs. If you are looking to integrate Zoho Office suite in your application, our APIs section is a good place to start. Also, take a look at other partners who integrated our APIs.


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