Update : Zoho Writer & QuickRead

Noticed anything different in working with Zoho Writer since yesterday? We have done some html compression tweaks that makes working with Zoho Writer a little faster. Loading of files & switching between tabs should happen faster than before. An exception in this update is the initial loading time when you login. It remains the same as before & we will be working on making it faster too.

Another cool update to happen is with Zoho QuickRead. You can now save an online document (.doc, .sxw, .odt, .rtf) opened with Zoho QuickRead to your Zoho Writer account directly.

Open up an online document with QuickRead & the top panel looks as above. Click on the 'Edit' link. If you are already logged in to Zoho Writer, the next screen will look as below

You can click on the 'Save to My Account' link to save the opened document to your Zoho Writer account directly.

Similar changes will be done to Zoho Sheet & Zoho Show - opening spreadsheets/presentations available online with QuickRead & adding them directly to your Zoho Sheet/Show accounts - soon.


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