UNESCO Uses Zoho Creator

Since we rolled new version of Zoho Creator, we are getting good response (infact, very good responses) from our users. But this is a special email which I would like to share with you. During our regular round-up of embedded forms and views in external websites, we stumbled upon this page.

Yes, its UNESCO. UNESCO Bangkok. They are using Zoho Creator extensively for managing their training courses online. We wrote to them with thanks for choosing Zoho Creator and asking their permission to post in our blogs, and this is what they wrote back…

Thank you very much for the kind e-mail. Zoho Creator is really a big help for us in managing our UN training courses in Bangkok.
Of course you can report in your blog about it.
Mr. Gordon Johnston, Training Manager from UNESCO Bangkok says: “Zoho’s online registration feature has proven to be very useful and straightforward – a huge timesaver in our current round of IT course registrations for over 900 UN staff in Bangkok”

So far we are really happy with the products of Zoho. Please keep in touch with me.

Warm regards,

Information Assistant

Offcourse Hartfield, we will keep you posted on the updates. Thank you Mr. Gordon Johnston for the wonderful quote.

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