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Update : Rod Boothby at Innovation Creators is running a (Zoho powered) poll on who will be Read/Write Intranet Idol in 2007. Vote for your favorite at his blog.

Bala has a nice review of Zoho Wiki. From his blog,

Here is yet another great product from Zoho. You can create your Wiki in a flash. No more ads in Wikis and a you have a full featured WYSIWYG editor without any limitation on the number of pages.

Larry Cannell in his Collaboration Loop column writes,

Ever since writing about Google Docs and Spreadsheets, I have been fascinated by the prospect of a completely web-based office suite. Since then I have been using Google Docs and Spreadsheets whenever possible. This past week I experimented with the Zoho suite of tools. They look to be several steps ahead of Google in terms of features and level of maturity.

Zoho has an incredibly powerful online application builder called Zoho Creator. Think simple (as in easy to use) yet powerful version of Microsoft Access for the web. These types of applications are especially well suited for web delivery.

Sys-Con's Ajax world magazine had an article on Zoho and quoted Manikandan Vembu, our Director of Engineering.

"2006 was the year of the consumer web where companies like YouTube, MySpace took off. We believe 2007 will be the year of the enterprise web where AJAX applications will play a crucial role in the enterprise space. Web 2.0 will help enterprises drastically reduce their IT spending & we believe this will bring new opportunities for Zoho in enterprises.”

The blog 'BULLETIZER' in a post about introducing its readers to 'cool new web efficiency tools' had this to say on Zoho :

Zoho. Quite possibly the greatest suite of things you need but don't know about, Zoho offers all kinds of great tools for free. It would be great if Zoho really took root, because their site is clean, the tools are useful, and the price fits into every budget.

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