Stoneware Integrates Zoho

management systems in many businesses are typically shared network
drives. While some businesses have graduated to online document
management systems like Zoho, a good percentage of them still use
shared network folders or samba drives as their central document
repositories, which sit behind the firewall. This means, their documents
cannot be easily accessed outside the company network.

if you need a system to make your existing document management system
accessible outside your network, providing the advantages of an online
document management system and not disturbing your current setup? This
is where Stoneware comes in.

Stoneware provide
web access to your internal infrastructure outside your network through
your browser. Using their webNetwork application, your internal
documents from your
shared network drives can be accessed outside the firewall using just
your browser.

Stoneware integrated our
productivity apps – Zoho Writer, Sheet & Show – into their
webNetwork application. With this integration Stoneware customers can
view/edit their internal documents using just the browser and
save them back to their internal network. After all, there is a reason
they want to keep their data behind the firewall. So this integration
does exactly that. It lets Stoneware users open their internal
documents from existing shared drives
using Zoho Apps and save them back to their internal

This remote saving capability has been available through our Remote APIs and is being used by our other partners like, Huddle etc. 

We’d like to thank Stoneware for integrating Zoho. We certainly look forward for more interesting integrations using our APIs.

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  1. Hello-

    I designed a website template in Squarespace and now I am trying to link my domain name to my squarespace settings. I need the DNS settlings but can not find them on my zoho account. I have been trying for days and getting very frustrated. Is it possible to call me and walk me through this? My cell phone is 716-307-6784.

    Thank you very much!

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