SSL Support in Zoho Creator

We are happy to announce the SSL Support for Zoho Creator. This is one of the long pending feature requests in Creator. We are glad that we could give SSL support which will pave the way towards the Business Edition of Zoho Creator. As of now SSL Support will be free for Editing and Accessing your applications. In future, SSL support for accessing the application may come with a premium charge.

To access Zoho Creator with SSL support, point your browser to or use the "Secure" link found near the login box in .

SSL Option

The main feature of SSL support is that you can restrict the access of your applications only through https. When you enable this option for your application, http access to your application will not work and only https access will work. You can find this option in the Application Settings while Editing your application.

SSL Support

In the broader picture, we plan to extend SSL capabilities to all Zoho apps. Meanwhile, please try this new update and let us know your feedback.

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