Customer Spotlight : Graeme sends invoices while sailing

Scotsail logoWhether you are on a yacht or sailing on a powerboat, invoicing is just a breeze through. You can stay connected with your business even while you’re sailing. Our customer Graeme, who runs one of Scotland’s premier RYA recognized sailing schools does exactly that. His company 1st Scotsail Training trains hundreds of its customers on its dedicated training yachts. Our invoice software has helped Graeme save enormous amount of time on his bookkeeping related activities.

I now get a lot of time to concentrate on my business. Zoho Invoice has helped us achieve more scalability. – Graeme Kerr, Co-founder – Scotsail

Our invoice program is so simple to use that most of Scotsail’s employees create and send invoices on their own to their clients.Thus it helps increase efficiency and saves lot of time.

RYA ScotlandThe most important things that his business demands are to send PDF invoices to his clients and track/receive faster payments. As Zoho Invoice is integrated with popular online payment gateways, Scotsail now receives instant payments from its customers thus improving its cash flow.

Graeme also uses Zoho Invoice’s iPhone app which enables him to send invoices on the go. He also plans to migrate to our accounting software soon. Also, Graeme would be trying our iPhone app in iPad3 which is going to be launched soon. Click here to read Scotsail’s complete success story…


3 Replies to Customer Spotlight : Graeme sends invoices while sailing

  1. Thanks Naren. How could I have missed that... reminds me of not being able to find your keys, wallet, phone... and then finding them in your pocket! Look forward to the next post. Cheers, Brad

  2. @Brad - Thanks. Yes of course, talking to Graeme about his boating and sailing business was indeed unique and fun, hence we intended to come up with such a customer spotlight. And you can very well follow our Zoho's blogs, just click on the first button under "Connect with Zoho" on the right hand side. Regards - Naren

  3. What a client to choose! Unique and fun. I'm thinking I'll add this kind of customer spotlight to our blog, but not sure that I'll find such a fine example so quickly ;-)By the way, I was interested in following your blog but couldn't find the RSS feed either visible here or by searching within google reader. Please let me know how I can follow your updates. Best from Paris, Brad

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