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Ryan McIntyre has a neatly done brief history of Excite presentation as an embedded Zoho Show slide show. ‘Connected Internet‘ recommends Zoho as one of the top 5 web apps that an enterprise can use. Here’s what the blog says about Zoho :

After trying them all, i am pretty much convinced that Zoho is currently the most advanced Office 2.0 suite in the market. What i like the most about Zoho, is that although it runs on the web, its set of features is rich, and would satisfy even the most enthusiastic MS Office user. In my opinion, Zoho Writer (the word processor) and Zoho sheets (the Excel like spreadsheet) are excellent choices for organizations that would like to cut their MS Office expenses (they are 100% free). I also like Zoho Creator, a nifty application that allows you to create database applications in minutes. If you don’t like to work on your office productivity suite on the web, you’ll enjoy Zoho Desktopize, a widget that allows you to work in selected Zoho applications in a desktop environment.

bemaNetwork, a group of experts for fighting SPAM write this about Zoho in their blog:

I have used several of the app’s myself and they are great, AJAX is being used here in force and it works marvelously. I am very impressed with the UI, the performance and what it delivers for the cost. we really appreciate these tools that you have made available, and want to share that with our members and friends. We hope that everyone that finds zoho will love these programs and use them everyday to replace your office or other productivity software, and maybe win a piece back for the developers!Great Job guys, we all love it!

We earlier wrote about Rick Roche and the surveys he does for his library. He is out with the results for his core biography survey. Wanna do such a survey? Try it with Zoho Creator. It is simple and easy.

Thanks, all 🙂

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