PIP: Presentation inside Presentation

PIP doesnt have to be 'Picture in Picture' for on your television set alone. Now it can also be 'Presentation inside Presentation'. Zoho Show's embedding presentations feature lets you embed presentations inside other slides.

When I showed this to a friend, he asked me whats the use case. Thats a good question. Imagine if you want to talk about 2-3 products (like Zoho with more than 10 apps), instead of navigating across 3 seperate presentations and moving between them you can create individual presentations and then create a place holder (another presentation) which holds all other presentations. This way you can have only 3-4 slides in your main presentation, but each of the slides can dig deep into the topic with its own slide set.

To get this functionality, first you need to make the presentations (the ones you want to embed) public and use embed slideshow option, take the code and insert this into your new presentation.

Here is a presentation where I embedded couple of other presentations in each of the slides. The fourth slide also has a feedback form. Please provide your comments in there and all the feedback provided is also visible in the fifth slide (thanks to Zoho Creator).




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