One, two, three - Export data from Zoho Invoice to Zoho Sheet

Yes, three easy steps are all it takes to export your data from Zoho Invoice to Zoho Sheet. You can export and view all of your invoices, quotes, contacts, customers and items in Zoho Sheet. I am sure most of you would be using this feature already, exploring it for the benefit of others-

Let's say you want to export and view all your invoices in Zoho Sheet, all you have to do is-

1. Select the "Invoices" tab.

2. Click on the "Export Invoices" link at the top.

3. Click on the "View" link in the Spreadsheet/CSV/TSV format.

That's it! All your invoices will be exported and will be shown in a new window in Zoho Sheet. Now you can play with it as any other sheet document.

Hope you find this feature useful. We will be happy to hear your comments.

Just like Zoho Sheet, we will also be supporting Google Sheet shortly.

Happy invoicing.




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