New: Page View Option in Zoho Writer Editor

Zoho Writer now has a new Page View option. Previously, Zoho Writer’s editor displayed your document as a single HTML page – the Normal View option as shown below.

You can now make the Zoho Writer editor display your document page-wise. By choosing the new Page View (under the Views
menu-tab), you get to see how the text appears in the actual page
layout. Dotted lines show the page boundaries. What’s
best about the new option is that you can continue to write (edit) in
the Page View mode.

You can make the Page View as the default View option by clicking on the Settings link at the top and choosing the appropriate Choose View option.

In our next update, we will be making this Page View more like the Print Preview option available now. This will make the editor lay out exactly like on paper. Stay tuned!

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