Increase the Efficiency of your Customer Support with Zoho PhoneBridge

Tired of frantically trying to look up the most recent request sent by a customer (who is on hold!)? Well, we have a solution for you, Zoho Support’s latest feature – Zoho PhoneBridge. 

This feature connects your telephone system (PBX) with your Zoho Support account.  You can receive notifications about incoming calls and outgoing calls. When you receive a call, key details about the customer appear in a popup on your screen. You can view the customer’s name, e-mail ID, telephone number and 4 of the recent open requests belonging to them.
Key Features
The key features of Zoho PhoneBridge include the following:
  • Manage your incoming and outgoing calls
  • Click-to-dial
  • View the details of a contact or account when you receive or make a call

  • Associate calls with tickets
  • Enter the time spent on each call automatically
  • Generate reports to view the amount of time spent, by support representatives, on each call
  • Create multiple Zoho PhoneBridge groups to enable better customer support
Supported PBX Systems
The PBX systems that we currently support are:
  • Asterisk 1.4
  • Elastix 1.6
  • Trixbox 2.6

This document explains how to enable the PhoneBridge feature in Zoho Support.

We would like to hear what you think about our new feature. Write to us at or post a comment below. 


4 Replies to Increase the Efficiency of your Customer Support with Zoho PhoneBridge

  1. Hi Ronny,Currently we support only version 1.4 of Asterisk. We have added other versions to our roadmap. Once the development is completed we shall make official announcements on the forums and blogs.Regards,Tripti

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