NetworkWorld reviews Zoho Creator

Mark Gibbs has a very good review of Zoho Creator in his NetworkWorld 'Web Applications Newsletter'. Some excerpts :

Zoho has released a whole range of services and one in particular has really impressed me: Zoho Creator a weblication that creates weblications.

Sign up (the service is free) and you are presented with a polished AJAX-driven interface that allows you to create an application from scratch or copy (and modify if you wish) an existing application.

All of the views and forms can be embedded in your own Web site using a script that is downloaded dynamically from the Zoho Creator site (either as a simple reference or enclosed in an i-frame) or referenced via a "permalink."

You can add code written in the Deluge language to drive your application. Some examples of the value of Deluge suggested by Zoho are:

* Perform an action when a row is added successfully or detect when someone adds a row to a form. For example, you might want to receive e-mail notifications as and when a row is added.

* Perform an action when a row is updated. For example, in the case of abug tracker, you might want to receive e-mail notifications whenever the status of the issue gets modified.* Validate the form data before persisting it.

* Add a row only if it satisfies a certain criteria and reject the other entries. For example, in a recruitment application, accept only those applicants who have more than two years of experience.

* Define formulas for calculations. For example, assume a student database has marks obtained by students in all the subjects and you want to display the total and average marks also.

* Create complex filters in views.

You can also export all records in a view in Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice spreadsheet and Zoho Sheet format (Zoho's own spreadsheet service); as an HTML document; as a PDF document; as an RSS feed so that subscribers can watch changes inthe data; as a JSON (a Javascript-based, lightweight data exchange format).

I found a couple of minor problems with Zoho Creator: Performance was occasionally poor and embedding the views in my Web pages sometimes didn't work. That said, Zoho Creator is incredibly ambitious and there's a lot more to the service that I just don't have space to cover. If there was ever a poster child for the Web 2.0 world, this is it! (emphasis ours)

Thanks for the comprehensive review, Mark! We are working on the performance aspect & you should be able to have a faster & uniform experience with Zoho Creator soon.


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