More cool features in Zoho Show

Zoho Show 2.0, launched last December added lots of new features including shapes, symbols, clipart, enhanced themes, revamped UI etc. Today’s update includes,

  • Chinese & Japanese UI support : Your browser’s language setting is taken by default. And you can change it to by clicking on the ‘Language’ link at the top of Zoho Show’s homepage. UI in more languages are in the works and coming soon
  • Enhanced Color Chooser dialog : Lets you choose color gradients more easily. We wanted to keep the user experience across Zoho services uniform and the new color picker borrows heavily from the Zoho Notebook one
  • Opera support : In addition to Firefox & Internet Explorer, Opera is now supported as well
  • Wrapping of text inside Shapes : You can now wrap multiple lines of text inside Shapes

Test drive the latest Zoho Show and as always, we will be glad hearing your feedback!

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