Label Enhancements & Contextual Options in Zoho Mail

Our Zoho Mail team recently added a couple of new features
to the Mail app. Improvements to labels and contextual options for
your folders. Let’s take a look.

Labels Specific to Email Accounts

may know that Zoho Mail supports multiple email accounts. This means,
apart from your email account, you can use Zoho Mail to fetch your emails from external POP accounts. By default, Zoho Mail lets you
maintain a different folder structure for each of your mail accounts
providing you a better way to manage your mail accounts. 

Along with Folders, Zoho Mail also supports Labels, for those who
prefer organizing their mail boxes using labels. But previously, Labels
were common across all mail accounts. This is no longer the case. With
the recent update, you can create Labels specific to your mail account.

To create/modify/delete labels for a specific mail account, select the mail account, go to Settings > Personalize > Labels.

Contextual Right Click Options

Do you know that you can right click on mail folders in Zoho Mail? We have a contextual menu offering folder-specific actions. If you
right-click on a folder, you’ll typically see options to create sub-folders, Mark Folder as Read, Rename, Delete, Archive etc. Apart from these standard options, you’ll also notice an additional contextual option.

When you right click on ‘Outbox’ for example, you’ll see the ‘Send Immediately’ option to send mails immediately
without holding them in the Outbox temporarily. Similarly,
right-clicking on Draft, Spam or Trash folders offers an ‘Empty Folder’ option.

Apart from the features mentioned here, we did add a few other features.
We will let you discover these new goodies. If you do, drop us a comment.

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