KnowledgeTree Integrates Zoho

KnowledgeTree, an ECM provider who focuses on document management

software is launching their SaaS offering today - KnowledgeTreeLive.

This is a hosted version of their open source online document

management system and it integrates Zoho for editing documents.

With this integration, KnowledgeTreeLive users will have options to create new documents and

view existing documents using the Zoho Editors. When a document is

created/edited with Zoho Apps, the documents are saved back to

KnowledgeTree servers as they maintain complete information about your


We have a unique set of APIs which let external

applications programatically open documents using Zoho Apps and save

them back to their own servers. Here, 'Saving back to their own servers' is an

important point as it enables some interesting integration scenarios as it fits into the workflow.

We think adding document editing capabilities to other document

management systems is a natural fit. But this need not be restricted to

document management systems alone. To be generic, any

system/application that has documents attached can add value by

integrating document editors for creating/viewing/editing. We have seen

some good integrations already from some of our partners and we

certainly hope to see more such integrations.

We'd like to thank KnowledgeTree for integrating Zoho and looking forward to a long-term relationship.


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  1. There are other alternatives to Knowledge Tree, like OpenKM. OpenKM is characterized as a document management system open source. And it has many features such as: monitoring and file version history, metadata, scanning, workflow, search, and more For more info:

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