KnowledgeTree Expands Zoho Integration

We reported about KnowledgeTree’s integration with Zoho last year. KnowledgeTree has further expanded this integration this week. From their blog post announcement:

Through integration with the Zoho collaboration and productivity suite, KnowledgeTree users can now create, share and edit cloud content in a multitude of file formats online. Rather than creating documents locally and then uploading them for collaboration, documents can now be “born in the cloud”.

In addition to common Microsoft Office document (.doc) and spreadsheet (.xls) file formats, you can create and edit rich text (.rtf) and text (.txt) files. Prefer the OpenOffice file formats? No problem, these are supported too. As a KnowledgeTree user, you can declare your independence from desktop software by using the Zoho integration for your document collaboration needs.

They have a nice short video explaining how this is done.

We have seen a good many of our API Partners coming up with interesting such integrations and we certainly hope to see more. Thanks to the KnowledgeTree team for this cool integration!

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