iZoho on iPhone – Video

I finally got a chance to try out iZoho on iPhone and I am glad to say that most of the functionality works. There are certain things that need improvements which will be taken up soon. However, there are some surprises.

The biggest surprise of all – the keyboard doesn’t show up in WYSIWYG Editors. This is not an iZoho Specific problem. This issue exists for all applications that use a WYSIWYG Editor. I hope Apple will address this issue soon. Due to this issue, you’ll not be able to edit/create Zoho Writer documents. Meanwhile, we’ll try to provide some work around for this.

We also expected a different kind of rendering. To address this, we plan to make some display related enhancements soon.

I did a quick video of iZoho on iPhone.

Overall, I should say, I am more than impressed with the browser (and ofcourse, the phone too :)). I am glad to see even the regular Zoho apps work well in the browser.

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