Introducing 15 Chart Types in Zoho Creator

Since Zoho Creator 2.0 launch we had one big update - FaceBook Integration and now we have another big announcement - Charting.

Charts in Zoho Creator helps you to organize and analyze your data. We have rolled out 15 types of charts in the first phase:

  • Column, Stacked Column, Column 3d, Stacked Column 3d
  • Bar, Stacked Bar, Bar 3d, Stacked Bar 3d
  • Line, Step
  • Pie, Pie 3D
  • Area, Stacked Area
  • Web Chart

As always with Zoho Creator, it’s best to see it in action. We have created a new screencast to highlight charting. Check it out!

We know that no two needs are the same when you want to see the data. So we have provided a wide range of charts to help you to visualize the same data in different formats.

Go ahead, dress up your application data as charts and let us know your suggestions.


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