InfoLogic's MathMagic adds support for Zoho Writer equations

InfoLogic’s MathMagic is a desktop based equation editor software. Its latest version 6.8 for Mac users has introduced a special menu item for Zoho Writer. MathMagic can now be used as a front-end equation editor by Zoho Writer users (Zoho Writer has allowed writing of LaTeX equations since May 2008). Whether or not you are fluent in LaTeX, you can now write mathematical equations and symbols using MathMagic
easily and fast, then simply copy-paste it into Zoho Writer’s Equation
Editor window.
LaTeX expressions from Zoho Writer’s Equation Editor can also be copy-pasted into MathMagic window to edit the equation on a WYSIWYG interface.

InfoLogic says MathMagic’s Windows version will also support “Copy as Zoho equation” in the near future. We believe this new menu will help both MathMagic & Zoho Writer users.

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