How a Business Coaching & Solutions Company is using Zoho Projects

Holly L. Hanson is the COO of Techström, a business coaching and solutions company. Holly partners with Jeffrey Watts to work with their clients in developing the right solution for them. Holly wrote in to tell us about how Techström is using Zoho Projects.

Techström has over 25 years of experience in business coaching, strategy development and software implementation. We manage many different types of projects at once – marketing, planning, direct mail campaigns, software implementation, equipment purchases and CEO training. In the past, we tried to manage projects through Microsoft Project and Projixx. Microsoft Project was too cumbersome. It took longer to build the project specs than it did to do the project. Projixx had less set-up time but lacked the multiple levels of functionality we needed.

Recently, for one of our consulting clients, we reviewed several project management software. As we reviewed Basecamp, Projixx, Google Business with add-ons, we could see Zoho had the superior product. The client we were reviewing this product for had multiple offices nationally and internationally. With Zoho Projects, each of their team members can have their version in their language and the client chose to go with Zoho. Since this decision, we have turned 2 more clients on to Zoho and we will continue to recommend it to our clients as an excellent hosted solution. Over all, we have approximately 25 users across 3 companies with 3-10 projects at each location.

With Zoho Projects, we could create templates for the different types of projects saving time and creating a workflow for our process. This assists us much as we add more people to a project. Having a hosted solution also helps. We no longer need to purchase software or back-up software as it is all handled through Zoho.

Our business is about collaboration and creating systems that run smoothly. Zoho Projects facilitates the collaboration and keeps the conversations going. We use the forum function much as we continue to develop our communication in Projects.

Our company uses the Tasks and Milestones to create our project plans and keep our team on track. Being able to share files and upload the supporting documentation for each project has improved communication on projects tremendously and has kept our team organized. When we first looked at Zoho Projects, we were thinking of it as an internal tool. We are now inviting clients and contractors to view and collaborate on projects within the Zoho system.

We have been so impressed with Zoho Projects that we have created a Zoho Business account and are continuing to advise our clients to switch to the Zoho platform for all of their business needs.

If you are using Zoho Projects, do let us know how you are using it.

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  1. […] How a Business Coaching & Solutions Company is using Zoho Projects […]

  2. […] How a Business Coaching & Solutions Company is using Zoho Projects […]

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