Getting Productive with Facebook

When we released the Zoho Online Office – Facebook mashup, it got a very good welcome from the innovative bloggers as the first online office suite to be available within Facebook. We knew students would love to share and do their assignments with their friends when logged into Facebook. And it showed when TechCrunch’s interns listed Zoho as one of their Top 10 Facebook apps & Read/WriteWeb made it a part of their ‘Top 10 Facebook Apps: Work‘ list.

Not just the 20-something students, the 40-something Robert Scoble liked it as well. He didn’t list it since he didn’t have anything public to share. As said in your channel, hope we get to see Podtech’s stats in a public Zoho Sheet soon, Robert 😉

Then came this blog post from Andre Malan, a student from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver (he is also the winner of the ‘International Leader of Tomorrow Award’) where he says,

In my last post “Facebook… you’re dead to me” I lamented at the way in which Facebook apps have killed the usefulness of Facebook as a social networking application. I was wrong (at least to a certain extent) and two events since then have convinced me of that fact.

The first event was discovering that Zoho now has a Facebook App. Imagine, students can find their classmates on Facebook using the courses feature (and if Facebook takes that away I might just disown it again!) and then work collaboratively with them using Zoho.

The above post reiterates our faith in students loving to have productivity apps in their Facebook account. If you are a student reading this, be aware that you can do much more than sharing what you like & poking friends around in Facebook 🙂 Go ahead, add the Zoho Online Office App to your Facebook account and see the difference it makes.

We came across an interesting blog post by Shanna Germain as well. In a post titled ‘I (heart) Zoho‘, she literally gushes about all things Zoho.

Granted, I’m probably the last person on the planet to discover Zoho, but I am now officially in love. And this is coming from someone who has been a die-hard Microsoft Office advocate for years.

I’ve been using Zoho Writer as my web-based writing app for a while now (I like it better than Google, because it’s easier to switch between projects, and because you can see all your projects without opening a new window; however it could use a few things to make it my ideal processor. Still, they seem to be making regular upgrades, so I have faith).

And their Zoho Creator rocks! (I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for a web-based way to keep track of my writing submissions). It’s easy to edit, easy to use and you can even embed it into a home page. I also love Zoho projects, which is very similar to Basecamp in its design and use.

Plus, their customer service (especially for a company that offers free products) has so far been out of this world.

Thanks to the Techcrunch interns, Scoble, Shanna, Andre and the student community which has made Zoho part of their life routine!

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