Featured Zoho User – Barry Dahl

There are so many of you users out there who use Zoho in your day-to-day life and on your blogs/websites. We will be featuring some of you out here. Featured today is Barry Dahl (his other blog). Barry is the VP of Technology & Virtual Campus at Lake Superior College (LSC), Duluth, Minnesota, USA & he is an extensive user of various Zoho services.

In a blog post where he gives the new PSOL (Priorities Survey for Online Learners) results, Barry embeds charts created with Zoho Sheet. He also has a presentation made using Zoho Show titled “Opening Duty Day at LSC” which deals with appropriate use of computers & LSC Networks. Some of his blog posts use Zoho Show as well. His document titled ‘Duty Day Workshop – Free Web Tools‘ is on Zoho Writer. And he has a blog post with an embedded Zoho Poll. Barry, is that it or are you using any other Zoho service? 🙂

If you are an extensive user of multiple Zoho services, please do write to us (update : you can mail to aravind[at]zoho[dot]com). We will feature you here.

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