Differences between podcasting and MSM

Loic lists the differences between podcasting and radio or TV. Actually its all the advantages of podcasts over MSM that he lists there. A good example of the power of podcasting is of Loic himself conducting various interviews from the World Economic Forum recently. And with 'podcast' being the word of the year 2005, we are yet to realise the full power of podcasts.

That said, it would do good to list some disadvantages & difficulties also. (I'm not a regular podcast listener, meaning I don't subscribe to podcasts yet & I just listen to whatever I think is interesting. I don't own a iPod & listen to podcasts in my laptop).

# Many podcasts are amateurish (blogs like this are too!) & the sound quality is often bad. If the podcast is conducted over phone, the quality detoriates even further.

# Many of the regular podcasters, for content's sake, just ramble on prolonging the podcast.

# If I download a 45 minute podcast, it occupies around 20 MB & deleting the old podcasts becomes a chore.

# If I want to save some important podcasts, I find it difficult to retrace them. Should I rename them in such a way to reflect what the subject is about? Should there be folders where I store similar podcasts? Hmm, I can use del.icio.us to tag my favorites (but I'll have to go back again to the site to find the URL) or use Odeo, I suppose. (aint clear whether I can store my favorites there)

# How do I comment on a podcast? It can be through blog comment/trackback but again I should know the URL. If I have my own podcast & if I comment on another's podcast, how does the feedback loop work, the conversation happen? (Loic's point 7 on interactivity answers this but still I think it is inadequate)


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