Customization Options in Zoho Projects

As a versatile project management tool, Zoho Projects offers quite a few options that can be customized. Let’s see some of those here. All these options are accessible by clicking on the Settings link at the top-right (and the tabs there – General Settings, Company Settings)

  • Skins : Not everyone likes the UI of an app to be of the same color. And it depends on your mood too. Choose from 5 different colors
  • Set the UI’s language of choice (In fact, this is the primary reason for this blog post – we got a query from a user asking us whether Zoho Projects had a Spanish UI option). Zoho Projects supports 14 different languages
  • Another cool option is to set your Company’s logo (instead of the default Zoho Projects one)
  • Each user can have his/her information like nick name, phone numbers, photo etc to form a profile of their own
  • Change your default password (and for changing it from time to time, for added security)
  • Your company’s profile, including address, time zone. And the email encoding you would like to use (Languages like Japanese, Korean etc require encoding other than UTF-8 to be set)
  • Time and date format settings : Set how you would like time/date to appear across Zoho Projects screens

Utilize the above options to get the maximum out of Zoho Projects.

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