Customer Spotlight: Wendy Baldwin of ER 4 LOVE

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Wendy Baldwin of ER 4 LOVE at the Zoho Houston Meet Up

One of the greatest parts about working at Zoho is the opportunity to meet and talk with small business owners from across the country. Hearing stories about people chasing their dreams and passions is always inspiring, and we are constantly energized and encouraged to learn how they have used Zoho to help them get there.

Recently, the Zoho team has been hosting Meet Ups for Zoho users and anyone else interested in learning about Zoho products in cities across the country. We have had successful Meet Ups in Austin, Houston and Boston, and are traveling to Miami next month.

At the Zoho Houston Meet Up I had the privilege to meet Wendy Baldwin, VP Operations, and Jeanine Holloway, Sales and Seminar Coordinator, from ER 4 LOVE, a company dedicated to helping married couples succeed at the “game of love.” From learning to deal with conflict to becoming a better listener, the marriage mediators at ER 4 LOVE stand by the promise of saving your marriage in two days.

Although “ER” stands for “emergency resolution,” ER 4 LOVE has taken the theme of an emergency room or doctor’s office for love and run with it. One of the first things I noticed about Wendy was her name tag. It resembled a name badge that a doctor or nurse would wear. A very creative touch to spark the conversation.

I spoke with Baldwin at the Houston Meet Up and got a chance to ask her a few questions about the business and how Zoho helps them on a daily basis. Baldwin was using SalesForce before making the switch to Zoho. It’s a change she hasn’t regretted for one second.

Zoho: What motivates you to go to work everyday?

Wendy Baldwin: We have a fantastic team that comes together to help relationships that are hurting.

Z: You said you switched from SalesForce. Why wasn’t that working for you? Why did you decide to switch?

WB: SalesForce was expensive, had poor customer support and doesn’t have all of the features that Zoho has. We changed specifically because of the Zoho Mail Add-on app — that change alone was worth it. Now we have changed everything over to Zoho.

Z: What Zoho products are you currently using?

WB: We use Zoho CRM, Email Add-on, Documents, Calendar, Projects, People, Tasks, and are currently looking at using Campaigns, Invoice and Live Desk.

Z: How does Zoho help you on a daily basis?

WB: One of the coolest features is People. Our employees all work from home — they are able to “check in” and “check out” instead of submitting a time-card. We are able to just pull the report and payday is much easier.

Z: Is there a specific time or moment Zoho helped you reach someone or connect with a customer?

WB: The task and reminder features in the CRM have helped us keep track of our clients and increase our follow-ups, thus increasing sales. Our business has never been healthier.

Z: Why would you recommend Zoho to someone else?

WB: Your business can be contained in programs that all talk to each other and are personalized, you will receive fantastic customer service and it is affordable!


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