Baihui Distributes Zoho Apps in China

We are happy to announce a new distribution partner in China - Baihui, a subsidiary of PC Stars - the largest Chinese online distributor with more than 2300 Resellers and over 1000 System Integrators.

With this partnership, Baihui hosts Zoho Applications in China for distribution in China (ofcourse, in Chinese language). These applications will be distributed under Baihui brand. To start with, Baihui will offer the following Zoho applications...

  • Zoho Writer - Baihui Xiexie
  • Zoho Sheet - Baihui Gege
  • Zoho Show - Baihui Xiuxiu
  • Zoho CRM - Baihui CRM

This list will expand going forward. All these applications are currently available @

As with Zoho, Baihui plans to offer these applications free of charge for individuals. Zoho CRM does carry a price tag (99RMB/User/Month) beyond three free users.


While I don't understand any of the stuff in the above screenshot, we are certainly excited to see our apps up there. Almost 50% of our existing users are outside US which is a good sign. We think partnerships like these will extend our reach further.

There are more exciting stuff coming from Zoho. We'll keep you posted.


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