Announcing Zoho Meeting

We are glad to announce the latest addition to the Zoho Suite, Zoho Meeting – a web conferencing application.

As this is a different kind of application (more of a real-time streaming) from the existing zoho applications we decided to take it slow by offering the app to selected users first. We hope to open up the application to public in April.

As with other web conferencing applications, Zoho Meeting lets you schedule meetings, share desktop, chat etc. However it offers few unique functionalities. For the current release, the host has to be on windows and the attendees can be on Windows, Mac, Linux or any OS with Java or Flash available. The attendees need not install anything to attend a meeting.

Meeting also is integrated into Zoho Show. This means you can now embed your desktop sharing session inside a slide. The complete desktop sharing session can also be recorded and shared with the attendees right away. The follwing video should give you a brief intro to the app. By the time it steps out of private beta, you’ll see more exciting features.

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