Announcing the Do-It-Yourself Dabble Db Migration Tool

Any service that your business depends upon has got to be reliable.. Be it your

email service

, your

CRM tool

or even your

database software

. There cannot be any compromise.. But what would you do, when you find yourself in a situation, where out of the blue one of your service provider puts you in the doldrums. There is no activity nor there is an announcement which tells you that they are ceasing operations. You run.. Run like never before to find a suitable replacement and put it in place before the plug is pulled…

Dabble DB

customers panicked in exactly the same way, when

this announcement

 came out on June 10th. They needed to find a new service to manage their database applications. A huge clamor amongst a few database application platforms/services ensued – what with nothing short of a windfall coming their way and everyone wanted to cash in on the opportunity. We at Zoho Creator offered


migration, support and application building to anyone who came to us with their data.

A few months on, going by the number of happy migrant customers, we can proudly say, we did a good job. But the migration process itself was slightly convoluted. The probable customers got in touch with us.. Let us take a look at their application .. Then we helped them with setting up of their application and so on.. Altogether this whole process used to take at least a couple of days. Well, 2 days may be a looong  time in certain businesses.

it required a person to take the customer through the entire process..
Too much time and resource consuming this was becoming.

That set us thinking.. This process had to be made a lot more simple and straightforward.

We are glad to announce that, we have now come up with a Do-It-Yourself Migration Tool, so that users can come aboard Zoho Creator effortlessly.Sounds good?? 3 simple steps is all it takes to port your application to Zoho Creator and you are done! Head over to

this page

to read more on the exact steps. And yes, as always, should you face any trouble at all, moving into Zoho Creator, do drop an email to us at .

Welcome to Zoho Creator folks!! 

PS: Remember

Indiana Military Organization

? – Our famous DabbleDB Migrant customer.

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