Accessing Zoho Mail on iPhone/iPad through IMAP

You can access Zoho Mail on any mobile device from, if you have a decent browser. But if you prefer using the local email client on your mobile device, you can fetch mails from Zoho Mail through POP or IMAP. We recently introduced IMAP support in Zoho Mail and today I want to expand on how to configure this on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.

Before you can configure your mobile email client, you first need to enable POP/IMAP access for your email account. To do this, go to Email Settings > Personalize > Email forwarding and POP/IMAP and enable either POP or IMAP. Here are the instructions for POP and IMAP.

Once you enable IMAP, you can now follow these instructions on your iPhone to receive/send emails.

Go to Settings App > Mail, Contacts, Calendars >Choose ‘Add Account’ and ‘Other’ option.

In the next screen, choose ‘Add Mail Account’ and provide the details like Name, email address (, your Zoho password and a description of your account.

In the next screen provide Incoming Mail Server ( and Outgoing Mail Server ( 

Once the details are verified, you should be all set. You can now open the mail app to fetch emails from Zoho Mail. In case of IMAP, mails read on your mail client will be marked as read on Zoho Mail client as well.

Configuration instructions are similar for iPad as well. In case you need additional details to configure IMAP, here we go.

Incoming Port: 993

Outgoing Port: 465

SSL: Yes

Outgoing Mail Server Requires Authentication: Yes

Hope this helps. If you face any issues, please let us know. 

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  1. I am having the same problem with not able to access my email on my android. It keeps coming up log in info is incorrect. I have done all the above and it still will not load. Have sent 2 messages for support and have received nothng back. This is a critical email to have on my phone due to I am the Executive Director of this non profit. I never had problems when I was with mozilla/thunderbird. Could you please advise. I have set the IMAP to enable. Use the correct ports. Have tried bot POP3 and IMAP4 , changed my emails and it keeps telling my my log in is incorrect.

  2. Imap = port 993 ? to read messages (Incoming).

    SMTP = port 587 “tls” ? to send messages (outgoing).

  3. I did as you guys said but I am still getting the error the username or password on is incorrect

  4. user name should be the whole email address, not just your name before the @ sign (

  5. I’ve got my zoho account hooked up to my ipad/phone however, I can’t pull my calander over, just my email. Any suggestions?

  6. I try to access my email in my ipad but it said that the username and password is incorrect where to find my username.?

  7. I have set up zoho mail on my ipad and iphone. It works very well with apple mail. Have you set the incoming port to 993 and outgoing port to 465. The above instructions say you have to do this but do not tell you how to do it.

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