Zoho Forms is among Zapier's fastest growing apps of 2018

 Zoho Forms is among Zapier's fastest growing apps of 2018

It's that time of the year when people take time off to celebrate the holiday season, and we've also got another reason to celebrate. Zapier has ranked Zoho Forms the 10th fastest growing app out of 1,300 apps.

Last year we announced our integration with Zapier that paved the way for a lot of useful integrations between Zoho Forms and other cloud applications.

Business processes were efficiently handled with automated data flow among business tools. Data collected from Zoho Forms triggered support tickets in Zendesk, tasks in Trello, and notifications in Slack.

Now, just a year after announcing our integration, Zapier has ranked Zoho Forms as its 10th fastest growing app. In a platform with around 1,300 applications, we are proud to be among the fastest growing apps. We'd like to thank our users who've found efficient ways to use Zoho Forms with Zapier.

While Zoho Forms has added numerous features to its robust form builder platform, Zapier has quietly doubled its list of integrated apps over the last 2 years.

We have served individuals and businesses well in their data collection and successfully moved businesses towards paperless, digital data collection methods. However, our integration with Zapier opened the door to the endless possibilities that could be achieved with the data collected.

Here are the top 5 Zaps that helped people automate data flow in their business and efficiently use all their business tools:

  1. Create support tickets in Zendesk

Create support tickets for new form submissions in Zendesk. Spend time with your customers and let Zapier create tickets for you when you receive queries through a form.

Create support tickets in Zendesk

  1. Create tasks on Trello

Add form submissions as tasks and manage your projects efficiently. Collaborate with your colleagues and stay on the same page on Trello.

Create tasks on Trello

  1. Collaborate on Slack

Receive messages on Slack whenever a new form submission comes in so that you and your team never miss an update.

Collaborate on Slack

  1. Create deals on Pipedrive

Create new deals on Pipedrive when you receive new form submissions and take clear actions along your sales pipeline.

Create deals on Pipedrive

  1. Send SMS messages from Twilio

Trigger text messages from Twilio upon receiving new form submissions, to acknowledge your respondents and stay informed.

Send SMS messages from Twilio

We believe you'll be just as excited as we are about getting featured by Zapier. Let us know in the comments about some of the zaps that you've used in your business.

Wishing you happy holidays and a happy New Year on behalf of our entire team! 

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