iOS 16: Zoho Directory's all-new Focus filters, Lock Screen widgets, and more!

The long wait is over--it is time for iOS 16!

The latest update from Apple is a mixture of huge updates and enhancements that are meant to allow for more personalization.

Zoho Directory is deeply integrated with the new iOS 16 and brings to users an extensive range of features like Focus filters, Lock Screen widgets, Live Text, and Quick Notes which have drastically raised the convenience of using the app.

Here is what's new!

Focus filters:

Create the perfect work-life balance with improved Focus modes: Work and Personal.

The all-new Focus filter is here to let users take control of what they would like to view in each Focus mode.

Let us say you are an IT admin looking after multiple organization accounts with Zoho Directory and have to switch between them daily. A Focus filter comes to your rescue and helps you switch to a selected organization account automatically when you enable a particular Focus mode.

Live Text:

A picture is worth a thousand words and more with Live Text.

The Live Text feature recognizes text from images and videos and allows quick actions like translation, currency conversion, and more.

Adding new users' information gets a lot easier with Live Text in Zoho Directory. Save the time you spend on manual entries while adding a new organization member. Now, you can fill in new user's information, like their name and email, by scanning from a webpage or a document by capturing their details directly into Zoho Directory.

Lock Screen widgets:

The revamp around the lock screen has made it more customizable than ever. Accessing data is easier when you add real time widgets to the lock screen.

You can choose to add different kinds (inline, rectangular, circular) of widgets to your lock screen. Data like users' sign-in activity, groups and apps accessed, and login information can now be viewed without even unlocking your mobile device.

Quick Notes:

With the enhanced Apple Notes, add Quick Notes with in-app links to help you navigate directly where you want to within an app.

This feature is particularly helpful when you want to view reports later in Zoho Directory. Save time by adding a note with the link and come back to it directly by tapping on it.

The new features in the iOS 16 update help access data easier and improve the overall user experience with Zoho Directory. We hope you tryout all the features by downloading the latest version of the Zoho Directory app. Stay tuned here for more Zoho Directory updates.

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