10 Tips to maximize your Zoho Marketplace Partner console

10 Tips to maximize your Zoho Marketplace Partner console

Often, our partners list incredible applications and extensions that solve key challenges for users. Apart from consistent promotions to drive website traffic, there is one other way to increase discovery and, ultimately, installs for your extension listing.

Through Zoho Marketplace's Partner Console, you can monitor your extension's performance, learning where web traffic for your listing mostly comes from, user ratings, installs, and uninstalls.

Data-driven decision-making plays a key role in creating profitable businesses and happier customers. Consistently monitoring your extension through the partner console can help you recognize the right avenue to promote the listing and channel efforts towards metrics that best suit your business needs.  

Here are ten tips to maximize the metrics found on your Zoho Marketplace partner console.

  • Monitor key metrics: Keep track of installs, uninstalls, and page views for your extension listing to gauge its performance effectively.

  • Analyze country-wise data: Identify where your page views and installs are coming from to tailor your apps to suit the needs of specific regions.

  • Optimize for devices and browsers: Determine which devices, browsers, and operating systems lead to more traffic or installs to optimize your listings accordingly.

  • Experiment with similar apps: Your partner console can help you identify which of your extensions are getting more installs. If you've listed similar extensions for multiple Zoho products, consider experimenting with other apps fulfilling similar use cases. For example, if you’re listing a telephony integration for Zoho CRM and Desk, you could consider integrating with SalesIQ and Recruit as well.

  • Request listing changes: Use the Partner Console to request any necessary changes to your existing listings or reach out to the Marketplace team for assistance.

  • Enhance discoverability: Consistently tracking the monthly website visits and correlating them with the number of installs, uninstalls, and ratings can help can help you understand which sources generate the maximum traffic and conversions. Based on this data, you can plan and implement consistent promotions to drive website traffic and increase the visibility of your extension listings.

  • Tailor promotions to countries: The partner console also displays country-wise installs. You can monitor where most of your traffic is coming from and run campaigns or promotions specific to countries with high page views to boost installs effectively.