Zoho CRM Plus: A 2023 retrospective

Zoho CRM Plus 2023 Retrospective

As the curtains close on 2023, it's time to reflect on the journey Zoho CRM Plus has undertaken this year. It's been an exhilarating ride filled with an array of feature updates designed to enhance and streamline your customer experience.

Spring highlights

  • Enabled early access to the innovative Blended Conversations feature, merging bot and human assistance. This empowered support agents to handle routine queries efficiently, enabling them to dedicate more attention to resolving complex issues.

  • Introduced SalesIQ's integration with Zoho Bookings to help website visitors book appointments, and with Zoho Checkout to enable businesses to accept payments through live chat.

  • Added Zapier integration with Survey to enable automation and JavaScript/Deluge script conditions to provide more flexible survey logic.

Summer highlights

  • We introduced workspaces in Campaigns, allowing organization admins to create multiple workspaces within a single account. They can streamline marketing activities, assign user access, and maintain data integrity across different departments.

  • Strengthened SMS marketing capabilities for India using Campaigns' own SMS gateway, which empowers businesses to run SMS campaigns without having to depend on third-party SMS gateways.

  • Integrated with platforms like Line and Mastodon within CRM Plus, adding more communication channels businesses can use to reach out to customers.

  • Enhanced survey security and credibility with unique encrypted survey URLs and sender email authentication.

Fall highlights

  • Aligned with Rakuten's SMS gateway in Japan, enabling local businesses to run SMS campaigns and gain an edge in customer engagement.

  • Introduced Path Finder in CRM Plus, a feature that captures and visualizes customer interactions in real time. You can generate maps that display your customers' unique journeys, as well as identify specific details and broader trends within your business by understanding customer expectations and experiences.

  • Launched Inbox in Zoho Social to enable you to manage all your social media interactions from a central dashboard.

AI-powered transformation within Zoho CRM Plus

CRM's Best Time to Contact feature—powered by Zia—helps identify the optimal times to engage with prospects and customers. This analysis—which includes individual and summary reports, interaction heat maps, and success metrics—enables you to fine-tune your communication strategies.

Social's integration with OpenAI has been a game changer, thanks to the new Compose with Zia feature. You can include hashtags, emojis, and images in your content while Zia refines and rephrases the content until it aligns perfectly with your intent.

Zoho Campaigns' AI-powered product recommendations for ecommerce emails help enhance the personalization of customer interactions—and in turn customer engagement and conversion—by suggesting products based on individual customer preferences.

Analytics' integration with ChatGPT has expedited data analysis and report generation. It saves time users might otherwise spend writing formulas and queries, while also boosting Ask Zia's natural language processing (NLP) training, enabling intuitive data-driven decisions.

You can use Call Transcription and Zia Call Intelligence to transcribe conversations and monitor vital information like sentiment, emotion, and intent. This feature helps in understanding customer needs and sentiments.

Zia Strategy Influencer has offered predictive, prescriptive, and diagnostic insights for setting business goals. It enables businesses to identify contributing factors, detect anomalies, analyze disparities, highlight key contributors, and provide prescriptive insights for their business strategies.

Features our users loved the most!  

Discover customer journeys using CRM's Path Finder

Path Finder was made to track how customers interact with your business. It records all customer interactions and creates maps to show their unique paths using real-time data. Depending on what you want to learn, Path Finder can show minute details or broader trends in how customers move through your business—such as how they use different products or how they move around your website. This helps you gauge what customers expect and experience, so you can create a better customer experience strategy. Learn more

Redefine the customer experience with Zoho Desk's Blended Conversations

The Blended Conversations tool seamlessly combines bot and human assistance based on customer needs during each interaction. Integrate bots built with Guided Conversations across instant messaging channels like WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat, and Telegram. This enables bots to handle routine questions and frees up your agents to focus on resolving more complex inquiries and providing personalized support when needed. Learn more

Manage all social interactions and communications with Social's Inbox

Inbox centralizes all your social media interactions, bringing together messages, comments, reviews, @mentions, and inquiries into a single, easy-to-access platform. View, monitor, and respond to every aspect of your social engagement and stay on top of your social game. Learn more

We loved meeting you at the Zoho CRM Plus CX Workshops

During 2023, we embarked on a global journey, hosting immersive workshops customized for our partners and customers. Our aim? Empowering our users with comprehensive insights into customer experience management while providing practical experience with Zoho CRM Plus. Across 10+ cities in the US, Europe, Australia, and UAE, our CX workshops attracted over 500 participants. The workshops focused on helping our customers gain a complete understanding of CRM Plus's capabilities and the importance of aligning sales, service, and marketing for enhanced customer experiences. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with attendees awarding us an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.

We're excited to share that CX workshops for 2024 are on the horizon and will be hitting a city near you! Prepare for yet another opportunity to join us for an enriching experience that strengthens your grasp of customer-centric strategies.

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As we conclude 2023, our focus remains clear: enabling our customers' success. Zoho CRM Plus will continue its journey and remains dedicated to redefining how you connect with your customers. We'll continue placing your needs and expectations at the heart of our innovations, ensuring that you have what you need to keep your customers at the center of everything you do. Join us as we stride forward, committed to transforming the way you deliver exceptional customer experiences.


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