Zopim integrates with Zoho CRM

This is a guest post by Qing Ru, VP Marketing of Zopim.


If there is one thing that differentiates Zoho CRM from its competitors, it’s the way they excel at managing leads and contacts. That’s something many salespeople appreciate: the ability to store everything about a customer under one page, including emails, activity, product purchases. And we are just about to make it better.

With the recent integration that Zopim did with Zoho CRM, we will give salespeople the edge they always needed – the ability to draw upon every single conversation they had with a customer.

is an award-winning proactive chat tool that many small-medium businesses use to chat with their website customers. With the recent integration, Zopim will automatically pull out details on the contact from Zoho CRM prior to the start of any chat conversation. So as the website visitor types his first question, the salesperson already knows who he is, and he can read all their previous conversations before greeting him like an old friend.

Most importantly, salespersons do not need to frustrate themselves with any manual input nor meddle with the CRM interface. At the end of every chat session, a link automatically shows up, giving the salesperson the option of saving the chat under the contact’s profile with just one simple click.

Make life simpler for your salesperson now, let them sell more. Try the Zopim-Zoho CRM integration by first

signing up with a Zopim account

Once you have signed up for an account, a detailed guide on how to set up the integration is available

. For more screenshots and a detailed walkthrough, this post will be beneficial.


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