Zoho CRM : User Review at Download.com

It has only been a few days since we released Zoho CRM 5 & it is nice having this as the first review at download.com :

A feature-rich and advanced web-based CRM program.

17-May-2006 10:54:09 PM
Reviewer: kjknight3

Pros: If you’ve used Salesforce.com, you’ll feel right at home with this CRM program.

Very nice user interface, with a few customizable skins (wouldn’t mind a few more choices however). For 1-3 users this is a free program. Over that and it is fee-based. This program has any feature you could want, and then some.

Fortunately, if you click on the Help link, you’ll be treated to a very comprehensive training guide.

Cons: That’s the only problem, it’s got so many features that you’ll need some experience to realize all the functions. If you are a novice with it, you might feel overwhelmed. Stick with it.

Using the help/training guide will get you thru all the features and functions, but take some time to learn and get comortable with it. It will pay off.

Link to the download.com review.

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